Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lamborghini Reventon Replica For Sale

The Car

    Just the mention of the name "Reventon" evokes performance. And if you're knowledgeable enough to understand "Lamborghini", the vision quickly becomes "ultimate performance" With only 20 Reventons, and 15 Reventon Roadster ever built the car and costing $1.6 million + each and has become a museum piece rather than a daily driver. But many still wanted this little corner of history, some just wanted a fun car.

We are proud to present to you the Turnkey Reventon Replica. This Vehicle will prove to be the most astonishing and authentic replica on the road. with either a Porsche Boxster or Toyota MR2 donor car we can build this exciting supercar replica like no other. Great News You can now also own your own Reventon Roadster Replica and we are sure you will enjoy!.

The Custom cars produced by ReventonReplica will have many options, most which can be chosen by you. Your choice of engines with truly awesome power of custom made engines, color, interior, even replica engine cover. Wheel choices are limited only by your budget and imagination. The result is a mesmerizing balance of supreme compliance. We will, however, ask that you remain faithful to the original as much as possible.

Watch the building process of a Reventon replica in this video. ( Please wait while video loads )

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The Mission

This site is a repository of Reventon Replica cars produced and for sale by ReventonReplica. Our mission is to reproduce one of the most breathtaking super sports car of all time and perpetuate the history of the original, both the car and the replica.

If you want to order a custom built or Turnkey Reventon Replica or a Reventon Roadster Replica you can do this and order your dream car for $60,000 at

and of course if you want to build your own car you can order the Complete Reventon Body kit